About PanPhuket

Welcome to the PanPhuket!

  PanPhuket has been around for years. PanPhuket has been serving news feeds and weather information for a wide audience in Phuket. 

  Now it's time to change. It's time to get Phuketians involved. 

  While Phuket has a lot to offer, it has been always difficult to find what activities are availble for us expats and also for Thais. This must change.

  The renewed PanPhuket will offer the activity groups as well as discussion forums to talk about the hobbies. If you don't find your own hobby along the list, don't worry. Simply contact the PanPhuket team and get things done. However do expect to be asked to become the new activity forum administrator :) It's all about shared fun. 

  The overall idea is to collect people who are active in Phuket, share their ideas and at the same time, get more people to be involved with activities. Afterall, Phuket is our home. We should make the best out of it. 

  Let's have a place for all of us to share our experiences. What to do in Phuket should become a question of the past.